Yoga Space NW

This project was an interior remodel of a historical building in NW Portland for the. We were fortunate to start with such a beautiful space as we added an entry, two bathrooms, and two studio spaces for large and small classes. We also transformed a former foyer into a cozy lounge area with lush plants, rugs and large ottomans. In the large studio we used a very simple palette of white walls and dark ceilings, which highlights the lovely stained glass windows. Tall arched niches hold yoga mats, blocks, and other props. Mirrored niches reflect light to create a feeling of openness as they duplicate the beautiful beamed ceiling. In the entry and bathrooms we used encaustic tile for the floors which adds a subtle pattern that feels harmonious with the mediterranean style of the building.

男朋友摸得我流水有点黏黏The senior designer for the Yoga Space Northwest project was Mira Eng-Goetz.

男朋友摸得我流水有点黏黏Photos by Lincoln Barbour