Stumptown Cobble hill

Stumptown’s first Brooklyn cafe, in a historic Cobble Hill Firehouse.  The existing space was extremely long and narrow, so we divided it into segments, each offering its own particular experience.  The first is an indoor-outdoor garden room; a shady haven in the hot summer months and a cozy garden experience in the winter.  Steel sash doors that echo the existing building’s arched openings separate this from the main cafe, with a bar, standing tables, and a hand-painted espresso machine.  The ceiling is a custom design, a modern take on traditional tin ceiling designs.  A water room for dishes and still and sparkling water separates this space from the next, the banquette room, where a giant leaded glass skylight of our design lets in dancing, watery light from the neighbors’ reflecting pool above.  The last space is the restrooms, which echo the water room with their subway-inspired, tiled, arched ceilings.  A peep-hole in each bathroom offers a look into a miniature assemblage, each a mini-vacation away from the city to a different natural vista.

男朋友摸得我流水有点黏黏The senior designers for the Stumptown project were Mira Eng-Goetz and Em Shephard with working as local architects.

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男朋友摸得我流水有点黏黏Photos by matthew williams