Our client for this project was hesitating as to whether she should move from her seemingly unfixable Pearl District apartment.  When she visited another unit we had redesigned in the same building she decided to stay and transform it. She gave us just a few guiding adjectives and then let us have free reign. The result is a fresh, bright, happy, calm, space with a maximum amount of storage for a minimum amount of clutter. A giant built-in sofa allows our client to welcome large groups of friends, and a cozy “rainy day nook” doubles as a guest bedroom. The bedroom is entirely paneled, with storage behind all walls. A minimalist material palette and a display wall of storage and open nooks, allows our art-loving client to easily update and change the decor.

男朋友摸得我流水有点黏黏The senior designer for the Pearl Loft project was Mira Eng-Goetz.

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Photos by Aaron Leitz