Mount Tabor Tudor

The clients for this project were a family of four who had lived for a number of years in a Tudor house atop Portland’s Mt Tabor.  It had been a grand house at one time, the first on its block, built during prohibition with a speakeasy in the basement.  Unfortunately by the time our clients bought the house it had suffered several poor remodels and had fallen into disrepair.  Our challenge was to retain the character and charm of the house, while fixing the things that had gone wrong and reworking the layout to create rooms for a modern family that enjoys cooking, eating, and being together.  A new paint palette of watery grays complements the warm colors found in the rugs, wood floors, and furnishings.  

男朋友摸得我流水有点黏黏The senior designer for the Mt Tabor Tudor project was Chelsie Lee.

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Photos by Lincoln Barbour